Top Towing Cars for Trailers

The capacity of a car to tow trailers is a main USP that a lot of towing companies consider while buying a fresh towing car. If your personnel offers simply finished the professional truck towing teaching program, after that it can be period so that you can begin looking for the top towing cars for trailers in the market.

Purchasing a top towing car for trailers involve a significant monetary investment. Hence, a thorough research is usually crucial before making the final purchase. Quality, durability, capacity, comfort, safety, and handling are some of the factors one must take into consideration while finalizing a towing car for trailers.

Fortunately, with the growing competition in the automobile industry, the range of top towing cars for trailers has also increased, significantly. Though the extensive range of the newer car models fulfills your requirements, the same is sure to confuse a lot of people too, while making the final choice.

Best Towing Cars

There are many cars that have larger engines along with improved stability that is sure to help the car with towing. To help people choose the right towing vehicle, here is usually a list of the top towing cars for trailers.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is considered one of the best-used SUV for towing and has won the title of the best “Heavyweight Car of the Year ” for many years in a row. The title makes it clear that it is the best towing car for trailers that you can get.

With a substantial engine capacity of 3. 0- liters, the Property Rover Breakthrough discovery offers the power to tow line even the most significant of trailers, smoothly. The car offers been designed to withstand severe climate circumstances to make sure that there can be no disrupting in its towing procedures.

The Property Rover Breakthrough discovery can tow an entire caravan in adverse weather conditions in a straight range, with no swerving. The solid wind gusts as well fail in front side of this effective four-wheeler. The car can be large and requires care and attention of both the baggage and the convenience of the travellers.

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is known to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as less than 12. 5 seconds. This car can be ideal for towing trailers for camping excursions as it can proceed through the muddy and undulated areas, seamlessly.

To help to make this car worthy of its worth, the producers decided to put an additional layer of safety more than the paintwork. This extra layer makes it an ideal car for both the on and off-road trips.

Audi Queen 7

If your budget is not really an issue then the Audi Q7 is the best-used SUV for towing a travel trailer. The Audi Queen 7 retains a beneficial placement in the marketplace of high-end SUV’s. This car is certainly the most costly choice in our directory of the best towing vehicles for trailers.

Nevertheless, the advanced features and extreme comfort provided by the vehicle is certainly worthy of every dime spent. An extra benefit of buying this car is certainly that you obtain a tow line club and movie trailer help package deal with it. The tow club can help in towing a movie trailer, while the movie trailer help will help in controlling the automobile, successfully.

Volkswagon Amarok

With the Volkswagon Amarok, the German automobile production company elevated the bar by producing a five-seater truck with a diesel engine capacity of 3. 0- liters. If you desire to obtain the greatest in a less cost, after that Volkswagon Amarok is usually the most economical towing vehicle in the market.

It should be noted, that the lesser price doesn’t make the car inferior when it comes to performance and can be called the best mid-size SUV for towing a travel trailer. The Volkswagon Amarok comes with an advanced technology paired with newly revamped interiors to tow trailers, efficiently.

Volvo XC60

Although smaller in size compared to the other top towing cars for trailers, the Volvo XC60 can easily tow weights up to 1, 800kg. The Volvo XC60 is usually a shining example of small cars that can tow. The comfort, advanced features, abundant space, and strength are some of the factors that easily overshadows the small size of the car. This car is usually ideal for towing travel trailers for long-haul trips.

Dacia Duster

If you want a car just for the towing purpose, then the Dacia Duster should be at the best of your list. Although the Vehicle comes with a 1 . 5- liters engine, it offers the power to tow line weight load up to 1, 500 kg.

When it comes to top towing cars for trailers, the Dacia Duster might not be the first choice. Nevertheless, it is certainly one of the most cost-effective towing automobiles in the marketplace. Therefore, if you are searching for an inexpensive and little car that can tow line, the Dacia Duster will serve your requirements, properly.

Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is among the best SUV for towing travel trailers. Nissan car is usually a seven-seater car and can haul weights to up to 2, 000 kg. The Nissan X-Trail also comes with a removable tow bar, which helps in towing the trailers. At the time of purchasing, you get the option to choose between two models - one has a 1. 6- liter engine and the other with a 2 . 0- liter engine.

Mercedes GLE

If you are looking for the best midsize SUV for towing a travel trailer, then the Mercedes GLE has to be on your priority list. Run by a 3. 0- liter engine, the Mercedes GLE can pull dumbbells up to 3, 500 kg.

Though, not 1 of the most economical towing vehicle thanks to the high pricing, the Mercedes GLE is definitely unquestionably 1 of them in the market. The rate, comfort and ease, strength, stylish design, and capacity are a few of the items that makes this car a precious expenditure.

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage belongs to the clan of small cars that can tow weights up to 2, 200 kg. If you are ready to pay out a few extra cash, an extra towbar may also be installed to the car to help with the towing procedure. The Kia Sportage is normally an underrated towing car that warrants to obtain interest due to its high towing capability. The car features a 2 . 0- liters engine and can certainly two trailers in lengthy street trips.

Ssang Yong Rexton

The Ssang Yong Rexton is among the top towing cars for trailers due to its capacity to tow massive weights up to 3, 500 kg. This seven-seater, four-wheeler comes with amazing interiors and plentiful space for the travelers. The car is definitely durable, stylish, and perfect for towing large trailers.


With respect to towing solutions, what you know and do before the tow can spare you a considerable measure of hassle later on. It’s generally crucial to consider these suggestions:

Know Your Situation

Before you call the auto shop or towing services, gather details about the circumstance as could be expected and provide it to the program. Stuff like region, types of automobile, condition of the automobile, and irrespective of whether the automobile is certainly trapped can help the provider select what kind of tow line vehicle to send out and what apparatus to provide.

Choose Your Car Shop

Whenever possible, make use of the auto shop that does your auto maintenance for your towing service. Not really simply perform you definitely understand that they are trustworthy, they can similarly tow your vehicle specifically in for services.

Observe whether the Towing Services Has the Ideal Tow Pickup truck for the Job

There are three principle sorts of tow trucks: flatbed, snare and chain, and wheel-lift. Not every towing company offers every type of pickup truck. Some auto issues may require one create, and not end up being suit for another. Disgraceful towing can make extra damage, and not really requesting the correct queries or adequately offering details could provide about postponements in seated restricted for another automobile to show up.

Get in touch with Your Insurance Company

On the off possibility that your insurance agency is included, discover with which towing provider organizations they as of today have an understanding or which they incline toward. This data not simply helps to keep you guaranteed in the event that it’s a provided services, it gives you an awesome thought of genuine tow suppliers.


Buying a towing car is normally a significant decision, therefore ensure that you provide enough period whilst exploring the trailer class designed for towing. The name of the towing vehicles talked about above are the greatest in their capability, therefore you can select anyone from them, structured on your choices and spending budget.